Avatar (like a picture of me, not the last airbender)

I’m a software developer based out of NYC. I focus on building performant and scalable distributed systems. Things I like (in no particular order):

  • The Unix Philosophy, in that each program should only do one thing and do it well and that larger functionality should be composed out of these small tools.
  • Hiking and traveling (though I haven’t done much of either in the past year)
  • TDD
  • Cooking (a lot of my time not spent on the computer is spent in the kitchen)
  • The pursuit to brew the perfect cup of coffee
  • Loki - my dog. He’s a jindo-corgi mix who’s a rescue from South Korea courtesy of the kind and caring folks at Korean K9 Rescue
Adorable Pup Picture Here
This is the little guy
  • Reading, current goal is to get through 30 books this year, check out my progress on Goodreads

Some relevant links:

Email: john@jmaguire.tech




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